New Year, New Website

 Happy New Year

Having promised myself a new website for absolutely ages I have finally gotten around to creating it, and of course, being me, I had to do it the hard way and do it myself. Since I used to be a website designer and developer until retiring last year, I should have the skills but how things have changed! One of my reasons for retiring was that, having been in the IT industry for many years I was just getting tired of re-learning all the skills every few years, and wanted to have time to pursue all my other interests away from the computer. So what have I been doing for the last month? Sitting in front of the computer re-learning how to build a website! But thanks to a little help from the son who took over my development work (again !) it is now, I was going to say finished, but I suspect I will be tweaking for some time to come, so let's just say finished enough to put live.

Before starting all this I was having great fun reprising some of the craft skills I used to spend time doing before life got in the way, dressmaking, jewellery making, bag making, and looking forward to expanding on those skills now I don't have the day to day grind to look forward to.

However,  since then we (husband and I) have taken on a considerable project - a village bungalow we are completely renovating and extending so I won't have a lot of time (or the space as we are in rented accommodation until it's finished) to do a lot. Most of my tools and equipment are now packed up, waiting for the day I will have a renovated bungalow to furnish and decorate, a new garden to design and create, and a super new dedicated studio to do it from!

Until then I will be finding the time somehow to create new wire weave jewellery as I can do that in little space and minimal equipment and even paint a few pictures - I have been asked to paint some for a charity auction so must find time to finish those, and I will be be blogging here on some of the projects I have completed and the updated skills I have learned in the last year, so do come back and visit.

I am very excited with all the changes that are coming this year, I hope 2018 is good to you.


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